10 Lines Short Stories With Moral You Should Read

10 Lines short stories with moral are often referred to as tales that hold a unique place in everyone’s hearts. We used to listen to different stories from our parents and elders. Everyone likes 10 Lines short stories with moral from their childhood. Every child wants to listen to these stories again and again.

Short stories with morals serve as a powerful tool for teaching our children and babies a valuable lesson. So, for this purpose, we have written 20+ 10 lines short stories with moral for your kids. You can get a valuable lesson from these stories. So, let’s get started.


10 Lines short stories with moral


1) Old Women and Her Greatness


Old Women and Her Greatness tale for kids


A smart and clever old woman lived in an old village. She was constantly helpful with her food and belongings. An angel came one day and invited her to make three wishes. The old woman wished for the well-being of her town, improving everyone’s life.

Moral: Selflessness brings the greatest rewards.


2) Talking Tree and Three Travelers


Talking Tree and Three Travelers tale for kids


A talking tree in a magical jungle offered three visitors a choice of fruits: a lovely apple, a shining orange, and a plain-looking pear. The first traveler selected the apple, which changed into a rock. The second traveler selected orange, which changed into gold. With imagination, the last traveler selected a pear, which was converted into a key that opened the tree’s treasure chests.

Moral: True value lies beyond appearances.


3) A Crocodile and An Elephant


A Crocodile and An Elephant tale for kids


In a lush jungle, a kind elephant and a crafty crocodile were best friends. The crocodile wanted to eat the elephant but pretended to be ill. The elephant visited him on the riverbank, and the crocodile revealed his plan. The elephant escaped, and their friendship ended.

Moral: True friends do not have hidden agendas.


4) A wise owl


A wise owl tale for kids


Once, a wise old owl lived in a tree. The other animals thought he was the smartest. The owl advised them to work hard and save for the future. Instead, they mocked him and enjoyed the present. When winter came, they had no food, but the owl was prepared.

Moral: Wise planning is important.


5) The Street Performer and His Luck


The Street Performer and His Luck tale for kids


A street artist in a busy town played his violin with unrivaled devotion. People ignored him, but he kept going. A well-known musician overheard him and worked to teach him. He went on to become a brilliant musician, but he never forgot his days on the street.

Moral: Persistence can lead to unexpected opportunities.


6) A Miser Man


10 Lines short stories with moral


There was a miserly man in a busy town who did not help anyone. One day, he passed by an injured dog on the street. He ignored him. A few months later, he fell into a hole, and no one helped him. He was helped by the same dog he had overlooked.

Moral: Kindness pays back.

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7) A Blacksmith and a Boy


10 Lines short stories with moral


A great blacksmith lived in a village. He was an expert in creating amazing tools. One day, a small boy came to him and requested him to teach him how to build weapons. He went on to say, “I am capable of showing you how to create great weaponry, but achievement relies on your hard effort.”

Moral: Learning is the key to success.


8) A Young Girl and Her Honesty


A Young Girl and Her Honesty tale for kids


There was a town in a lonely location where no one could speak the truth. Tired of lying, a little girl promised never to lie again. Her honesty caused others to do the same, and the village was turned into a safe haven.

Moral: Honesty can change a whole community.


9) A Barber and His Happiness


A Barber and His Happiness tale for kids


There was a glad barber in a little village. Despite his poverty, he was always happy and never upset about his situation. People inquired about the cause of his happiness.He said, “I may not be rich, but I choose to be happy.”

Moral: Happiness is an option.


10) An Ant and a Grasshopper


10 Lines short stories with moral


Once in a beautiful garden, a family of ants worked hard to gather food for the winter. The grasshopper, on the other hand, sang and danced all day and wasn’t prepared for the winter. When winter arrived, the ants had enough food, but the grasshopper had none.

Moral: Hard work and preparation are essential.


11) A Greedy Villager


A Greedy Villager tale for kids


A greedy farmer lived in a little village. He owned a goose that laid golden eggs every single day. He was first pleased with the daily reward. But he grew greedy and desired more golden eggs. He decided to cut open the goose one day, thinking he’d find all the golden eggs at once. He was disappointed to find no eggs, and he lost all his wealth.

Moral: Greed can lead to the loss of what you already have.

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12) Magical Fish and A Fisherman


10 Lines short stories with moral


In a seaside town, a fisherman caught a magical fish. The fish pleaded for its life and promised to grant one wish. The fisherman, content with his simple life, wished for the fish to be free. The fish granted the wish and swam away.

Moral: Contentment is the greatest wealth.


13) Villagers and Their Kindness


Villagers and Their Kindness tale for kids


In a quiet village, a clever monkey played pranks on the villagers. They are tired of their tricks; they decide to catch the monkey but can’t. An old woman suggested they treat him with kindness instead. The monkey, touched by their compassion, stopped to play pranks on people and became their friend.

Moral: Kindness can conquer mischief.


14) A Villager and His Patient


10 Lines short stories with moral


In a remote valley, there lived a farmer who wanted to grow the biggest pumpkins in the world. He tried every trick, but every time he failed. One year, he planted his pumpkin and forgot about it. It grew into the biggest pumpkin. This shows that sometimes we succeed when we least expect it.

Moral: Patience brings unexpected success.


15) A Cunning Fox


10 Lines short stories with moral


Once, a cunning fox saw a bunch of ripe grapes hanging high on a vine. He tried to reach them but failed. After many attempts, he walked away, saying, “Those grapes are probably sour anyway.”

Moral: It’s easy to dislike something you can’t have.


16) A King and a Jewel


10 Lines short stories with moral


In a kingdom, a king loves to collect rare and unique jewels. One day, a wise beggar offered him a beautiful but uncut gem. The king was intrigued and then accepted it. The gem was cut, revealing its true brilliance. The king learned that true value isn’t always apparent at first.

Moral: True worth is discovered through effort.

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17) Cactus and a Traveler


Cactus and a Traveler tale for kids


In a desert, a traveler met a talking cactus who complained about the harsh conditions. The traveler shared his water with the cactus and helped the cactus thrive. Later, the cactus guided the traveler to an oasis, proving that even in tough times, kindness can lead to blessings.

Moral: Kindness in the face of hardship receives rewards.


18) The Artistic Girl and Her Talent


10 Lines short stories with moral


In a village, there was a shy girl who loved to paint. One day, she created a beautiful water painting but kept it hidden. One day, she shared her paintings with the world. Her art brought joy and inspired others, showing that our talents should be shared.

Moral: Share your talents; they can brighten the world.

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19) Owl and Kind Squirrel


Owl and Kind Squirrel tale for kids


A lonely owl hooted every night in the darkest corners of the forests. Other animals avoided him because they thought he was aggressive. A friendly squirrel approached one day and noticed the owl was lonely. The squirrel befriended the owl, showing that even people who appear aggressive may require friendship.

Moral: Reach out with kindness; it can change lives.


20) A Hare and A Tortoise


A Hare and A Tortoise tale for kids


An intelligent rabbit and a slow tortoise lived in a deep forest. The tortoise’s crawling pace was always teased by the rabbit. They made the decision to have a race. The rabbit was overconfident and slept during the race, while the tortoise moved on. The tortoise eventually won the race.

Moral: Slow and steady wins the race.




10 lines short stories with moral is a great way to educate, increase their thinking power, and increase their willing power. Listening to these 10 lines short stories with moral for kids not only entertains kids but also improve their learning ability. Thank you for reading 10 lines short stories with moral for kids. Please don’t forget to share these 10 lines short stories with moral with friends and Family on WhatsApp.




1. What is the importance of 10 lines short stories with moral?

10 lines short stories with moral teach us a great and valuable lesson that is useful in life and improves our kids’ education skills.

2. What are good morals for children’s books?

Morals for children’s novels are frequently based on qualities such as honesty, kindness, patience, and tolerance. These exciting tales can teach children the value of these values.

3. Which is the shortest story in English?

Ernest Hemingway is generally credited with writing one of the shortest stories in English, which consists of only six words: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” This short story with a powerful message is an example of short story writing.

4. What is moral storytelling?

Moral storytelling is a narrative technique used to impart ethical or moral lessons. It involves crafting stories with characters and situations that illustrate specific values or principles. These stories are designed to engage and provoke thought while teaching the audience important life lessons.

5. What is the moral character for kids?

Honesty, kindness, respect, responsibility, empathy, fairness, and integrity are examples of moral character values for children. Teaching these characteristics to children assists them in developing strong character and making ethical decisions as they mature.

6. How do you write a good moral story?

To write a good moral story, you can follow these steps: Write a moral or a message you want to convey. Create relatable characters and a compelling plot. Keep the story short and engaging. Ensure the moral is clear but not overly didactic.

7. Which are the most popular 10 lines short stories with moral?

Popular moral stories include A Cunning Fox, A Thirsty Crow, Ant and Grasshopper, Talented Chef and His Passion, Cart Girl, and Wealthy Merchant, etc.


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