15 Free Bedtime Stories You Must Read

This post has an amazing collection of 20+ delightful bedtime stories that are sure to take your children to dreamland.

These aren’t your normal bedtime stories; they’ll have your kids begging for just one more, night after night.

Consider snuggling up with your young explorers as you go on adventures full of witty characters, daring escapades, and beautiful forests.

From old classic bedtime stories like “Cinderella” to Hidden Jewels, these bedtime stories have something for every mood.

What’s the best part? It’s not only the bedtime stories; it’s the quality time, the shared laughter, and the priceless moments that make bedtime a memorable family ritual.

So prepare to enter a world of fantasy, where nighttime becomes the most magical time of the day.

Our bedtime stories include 15 new stories for you. You can choose any story you want to share with your child and family.

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1) Lily and Her Magic


Night Time Tales For kids



Once upon a time, in a little village, there lived a curious squirrel named Sammy. Sammy loved to collect shiny things, and one day, he spotted a sparkling gem in the forest. Ignoring the wise old owl’s warning, Sammy grabbed the gem and dashed home.

The gem turned out to be cursed, and strange things began happening in the village. Trees withered, and the once-blue sky darkened. Sammy felt guilty and knew he had to make things right. With a heavy heart, he returned the gem to where he found it.

As he placed the gem back, the curse lifted, and life in the village returned to normal. Sammy learned that greed could lead to trouble, and it was essential to listen to wise advice. From that day on, he focused on sharing and caring, making the village a happier place.

Moral: Greed can lead to trouble.


2) Bee and His Hard Work


Bedtime Stories


In a cozy meadow, there lived a little bee named Benny. Benny was known for being the most hardworking bee in the hive. He buzzed around, collecting nectar from flowers diligently, always wanting to do more.

One sunny day, the other bees decided to have a picnic, inviting Benny to join. But Benny declined, saying he had too much work to do. While the bees enjoyed their picnic, Benny toiled away.

Days passed, and Benny grew tired and lonely. He realized that life was not just about working hard; it was about enjoying moments with friends. So, he joined the other bees in their hive gatherings.

Moral: Hard work is important and balance makes life sweeter.


3) Curious Monkey And A Parrot


Night Time Tales For kids


In a bustling jungle, there lived a curious monkey named Milo. Milo was always jumping from tree to tree, exploring new places, and never sitting still. One day, he saw a colorful parrot named Polly perched in a tree.

Polly invited Milo to join her for a chat, but he was too restless to sit down. Milo told Polly he had better things to do, like exploring. Polly just smiled and said, “Sometimes, the best adventures are right in front of you.”

Milo continued his adventures for days but found himself feeling lonely and exhausted. He realized that Polly was right. True friendship and happiness weren’t in distant places but in the company of friends.

Moral: Sometimes, the best adventures are the ones you share with friends.

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4) Elephants And Mischievous Monkeys


Bedtime Stories


In a charming little village, there lived a kind-hearted elephant named Ellie. Ellie was known for her enormous ears, which she used to listen to the troubles and joys of her fellow villagers.

One day, a group of mischievous monkeys began making fun of Ellie’s big ears, calling her names. Ellie remained calm, not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings. She knew her ears were a part of who she was.

Soon, a terrible storm approached the village, and heavy rain poured down. The monkeys, with their tiny ears, struggled to hear the approaching danger, while Ellie’s big ears picked up the warning sounds.

Thanks to Ellie, the villagers were able to find shelter in time, and everyone was safe. The monkeys realized the value of Ellie’s big ears and apologized for their earlier teasing.

Moral: Don’t judge others by their appearance.

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5) Squirrel And Old Slow Turtle


Bedtime Stories


In a lush forest, there was a little squirrel named Sammy who was always in a hurry. He rushed through life, collecting nuts as quickly as possible, never taking time to enjoy the beauty of the woods.

One sunny day, Sammy met an old turtle named Terry. Terry moved slowly, carrying a small garden on his back. Sammy asked, “Why are you so slow? I have so many nuts to gather!”

Terry replied, “I may be slow, but I enjoy every moment, and I carry my home with me.” He then invited Sammy to slow down and explore the forest with him.

Reluctantly, Sammy agreed, and as they ambled through the woods, he noticed the colorful flowers, listened to the melodious birds, and felt the warm sun on his fur. He realized that there was more to life than just rushing.

Moral: Sometimes, it’s essential to slow down and enjoy the journey of life.

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6) A Piglet and A Wise Owl


Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time in a bustling farm, there lived a little piglet named Penny. Penny was known for her love of mud and messy adventures. She would roll and splash in the muddiest puddles, much to the dismay of the other animals on the farm.

One sunny day, a wise old owl named Oliver visited the farm and told Penny a tale of a clean and elegant swan named Sophie who lived nearby. Penny was fascinated and decided to become elegant like Sophie.

She tried to avoid mud and stay clean, but it didn’t feel right. The other animals noticed Penny’s change and missed her playful spirit.

Penny realized that it’s essential to be true to oneself and not pretend to be someone else. She embraced her muddy adventures, and the farm became a happier place with her infectious laughter and joy.

Moral: Be yourself and embrace your unique qualities.

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7) Shy Firefly And A Wise Firefly


Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time, In a forest, there lived a shy little firefly named Finn. Finn’s light was the dimmest in the forest, and he often felt overshadowed by the brighter fireflies. He wished he could shine as brightly as them.

One evening, a wise old firefly named Luna approached Finn. She explained, “Finn, your low light serves a purpose.” You may not be the brightest, but you can lead us through the night without blinding our eyes.”

Finn felt a newfound sense of importance. That night, he led the firefly community through the forest, and they marveled at the gentle glow of his light.

Finn learned that every creature, no matter how small or dim, has a unique role to play. He understood that being yourself is more important than trying to be like someone else.

Moral: Embrace your uniqueness and appreciate the value of your strength.

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8) Clever Fox and A Wise Owl


Bedtime Stories


Freddy, a cunning fox, lived in a little village set within rolling hills. Freddy was known for his slyness, always trying to outwit other animals. He often bragged about his cunning ways, thinking he was the smartest in the forest.

One day, a wise old owl named Oliver challenged Freddy to a contest. The challenge was simple: a race of knowledge. They had to answer a series of riddles. Confident as ever, Freddy accepted the challenge.

As the riddles began, Freddy quickly realized that knowledge wasn’t about being cunning but about understanding and wisdom. Oliver answered each riddle with ease, while Freddy struggled. In the end, Freddy lost the contest.

Moral: True intelligence comes from wisdom and understanding, not just cleverness.

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9) The Grateful Garden


Bedtime Stories


In a colorful garden, there lived a vibrant bouquet of flowers, each with its unique beauty. Among them was a radiant sunflower named Sunny. Sunny basked in the attention she received from visitors who praised her for being the tallest and brightest.

But next to Sunny was a humble daisy named Daisy, who went unnoticed most of the time. Sunny often teased Daisy for her simplicity. “She said, “Nobody is as interested in little daisies as you are.””

One day, a little girl visited the garden, and she was captivated by Daisy’s delicate charm. She plucked Daisy and took her home, placing her in a small vase by the window. Daisy brought a smile to the girl’s face every day. Sunny realized that it wasn’t just about being tall and bright.

Moral: It’s not the appearance but the heart that matters most.

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10) The Courageous Caterpillar


Night Time Tales For kids


In a lush garden, a tiny caterpillar named Carl felt envious of the colorful butterflies fluttering about. He longed to join them in the sky but was afraid of change. His friend, a wise ladybug named Lucy, noticed his sadness.

Lucy told Carl, “Sometimes, to become something beautiful, you have to go through a transformation.” She explained the process of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, assuring him that the struggle was worth it.

Carl took Lucy’s advice to heart and decided to create a cocoon. Inside, he felt cramped and uncomfortable, but he persisted. After a while, he emerged as a magnificent butterfly, with wings painted in the most vibrant colors.

Carl realized that sometimes, embracing change and facing your fears can lead to incredible transformations. He soared into the sky, grateful for Lucy’s wisdom and the beauty he had become.

Moral: Change can lead to beautiful transformations, and courage can help you overcome your fears.



11) The Lost Star


Night Time Tales For kids


In a bright and twinkling galaxy, there was a little star named Stella. Stella was known for her remarkable shine and was often praised by the other stars. She began to feel proud and boasted about her radiance.

One day, a comet named Cosmo passed by, and Stella couldn’t resist showing off. She said, “Look at me! I am the most dazzling star in the night sky.”

Cosmo, with a kind smile, replied, “But, Stella, true beauty is not in being the brightest; it’s in being a guiding light for others.”

Stella didn’t understand at first. However, that night, a little lost asteroid named Andy appeared, searching for his way. Stella dimmed her light just enough to guide Andy safely back to his path. She realized that helping others was more important than showing off.

Moral: True greatness comes from being helpful and kind to others.

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12) The Brave Little Seed


Night Time Tales For kids


In a peaceful meadow, there was a little seed named Sammy. Sammy was small and fragile, and he often felt overshadowed by the tall and robust plants around him. One sunny day, a strong wind swept through the meadow, causing Sammy to fear for his safety.

A wise old oak tree, Oliver, watched the anxious seed and called out, “Don’t be afraid, Sammy. Accept hardships because they will make you tougher.”

Sammy took Oliver’s advice to heart and held onto the ground, refusing to be carried away by the wind. He endured the storm, and his roots grew deeper. Over time, he transformed into a resilient sunflower, standing tall and proud.

Sammy learned that facing adversity with courage and determination could lead to beautiful growth.

Moral: Challenges can make us stronger and help us become the best version of ourselves.

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13) The Helpful Little Ant


Night Time Tales For kids


In a deep forest, a tiny ant lived there. His name is Andy. Andy was always the first to lend a helping hand, known for his kindness. One sunny day, a rainstorm threatened to flood the anthill, putting all the ants in distress.

While many ants panicked, Andy sprang into action. He gathered pebbles and twigs, building a small barrier to divert the water away from the anthill. Other ants soon joined, inspired by Andy’s actions.

Their teamwork paid off, and the anthill remained dry. The ants cheered, grateful for Andy’s quick thinking and helpful nature.

Moral: In times of trouble, kindness and willingness to help can make a significant difference.

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14) The Grumpy Cloud


Night Time Tales For kids


Once upon a time, there was a cloud named Grumpy who was known for always shading the world with gloomy, rainy weather. The sun and the other clouds tried to cheer Grumpy up, but he remained grumpy.

One day, a little bird named Sunny approached Grumpy. “Why you are so grumpy?” Sunny inquired. “I think you didn’t find pleasure in your daily routine?”

Grumpy said. “I’m simply born like that.”

Sunny, undeterred, sang a cheerful song and told Grumpy stories of the beautiful world below. Grumpy couldn’t help but smile and noticed the world’s beauty.

Over time, Grumpy learned that even a grumpy cloud could bring rain to nourish the land and bring a rainbow afterward. He realized that even in difficult moments, there’s something positive to be found.

Moral: Finding the silver lining in any situation can turn a grumpy cloud into a source of beauty and hope.


15) The Friendship Garden


Night Time Tales For kids


In a cozy neighborhood, there lived two neighbors, Lily and Jake. They each had small gardens on either side of their houses. Lily’s garden was filled with vibrant, colorful flowers, while Jake’s was a lush vegetable patch.

One sunny morning, a large tree on Jake’s side cast a shadow on Lily’s garden, causing her flowers to wither. Lily felt frustrated and asked Jake to trim the tree. Jake agreed but hesitated.

Instead, they decided to create a shared garden in the space between their houses. They planted flowers and vegetables together, and the garden bloomed with both colors and delicious produce.

As they tended to their garden, their friendship blossomed too. They learned that cooperation and compromise could lead to something beautiful and enrich their lives in more ways than one.

Moral: Working together and finding common ground can create something wonderful, and it can strengthen the bonds of friendship.


Summing Up with Bedtime Stories


Bedtime stories have a unique place in both children’s and parents’ hearts. Bedtime Stories provide much more than just entertainment. They establish family bonds, create imagination, and convey essential values. Bedtime stories are a treasured tradition that allows families to bond through the power of words and narratives. These stories are important for a child’s emotional and mental growth, as they promote knowledge, kindness, and creativity. So, whether it’s a traditional fairy tale or a new adventure, bedtime stories will continue to be a source of wonder and comfort. Check out our Homepage to read more stories and blog Posts.




Is bedtime stories for adults?

Bedtime stories are not exclusively for adults but are primarily designed for children to aid in their sleep routine and offer various benefits.

What is the number one bedtime story?

There is no universally “number one” bedtime story, as preferences vary among individuals and cultures. Every story has its own unique story and characters and includes lessons for everyone.

Why are bedtime stories good?

Bedtime stories are beneficial for children as they promote literacy, stimulate imagination, and enhance the parent-child bond.

Where can I find Bedtime stories to read online for free?

You can visit our website to read bedtime stories for free or you can find free bedtime stories to read online on various websites and apps dedicated to children’s literature.

How do I tell my bedtime story?

To tell a bedtime story, choose a book or create your narrative, find a cozy and quiet space, and read with enthusiasm, using expressive voices and gestures to engage your child’s imagination.

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