17 Interesting Moral Stories For Kids

Moral Stories For Kids are like precious gems in the huge world of storytelling.

Like little seeds, they gradually grow into important lessons. These moral stories for kids use simple language which makes tough lessons easy to remember.

These moral stories for kids serve as a link between fun and knowledge, teaching us values like honesty and patience.

Simply short moral stories for kids can motivate and inspire us. This post covers 20 interesting short moral stories for kids in English.

This post is specially written for those who love to read moral stories or want to tell these moral stories to their children.

These moral stories for kids include friendship, Don’t be jealous, Work hard, and many more new moral tales for kids in English.


List Of 20 Interesting Moral Stories For Kids

1) The Helpful Ant & Hungry Cricket


Moral Stories For Kids


Once upon a time, a busy ant named Anty was carrying a large crumb back to her anthill.

She had worked hard all day to gather food for her colony.

Along the way, she met Cricket, who was chirping and looking very hungry.

“Anty,” Cricket chirped, “I haven’t eaten all day. Would you share your crumb with me?”

Anty was surprised. She had never shared her food before. But she saw the desperation in Cricket’s eyes.

“Of course, Cricket,” she said. “Take as much as you need.”

Anty and Cricket shared the crumb. Cricket was so grateful that he offered to help Anty carry the rest of the food back to the anthill.

As they walked together, Anty and Cricket became friends.

They learned that sharing and helping others makes us all stronger and happier.

Moral: Sharing your good fortune makes you richer, not poorer.


2) The Lost Kitten


Interesting Tales for childs


A fluffy orange kitten named Mittens wandered away from his home.

He chased a butterfly into a dark alleyway and got lost. He meowed sadly, scared and alone.

A friendly tabby cat named Patches heard his cries.

Patches knew the alleyway well and led Mittens back to his house.

Mittens was so happy to be reunited with his family.

Moral: Kindness and help can be found in unexpected places.


3) The Greedy Squirrel


Interesting Tales for childs


Once upon a time, there lived a squirrel who loved collecting nuts.

He would gather them from all over the forest and store them in his secret hiding place. One day, he found a giant acorn, the biggest he had ever seen.

He was so excited that he decided to keep it all for himself. He didn’t share it with his friends or family, not even his mother.

Days turned into weeks, and the acorn started to rot. The squirrel, who was now sick from eating spoiled food, realized his mistake.

He had lost the whole thing because he had been reckless. He learned a valuable lesson that day: sharing is caring.

Moral: Being greedy only leads to loss. Sharing is the key to happiness.


Best Moral Stories For Kids

4) The Curious Kitten


Interesting Tales for childs


In a cozy neighborhood, there lived a curious kitten named Whiskers. Whiskers loved exploring and often wandered around the gardens and alleys.

One sunny day, he noticed a door slightly ajar in a neighboring house and couldn’t resist peeking inside.

Curiosity got the better of him, and he entered the house, wandering from room to room.

The door quickly slammed shut, keeping him within. Whiskers felt scared and didn’t know what to do. He meowed for help, but no one seemed to hear.

Hours passed, and as the sun set, the homeowner returned and found Whiskers trapped inside.

The homeowner gently freed Whiskers and returned him to his worried family. Whiskers learned his lesson and vowed never to wander into unknown places again.

Moral: Curiosity can lead to unexpected trouble. It’s essential to be cautious and think before exploring unfamiliar territories.

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5) The Firefly and the Moon


Moral Stories For Kids


A tiny firefly twinkled brightly in the night sky. He saw the majestic moon shining and wished he could be just as big and bright.

Feeling small and insignificant, he dimmed his light.

Suddenly, a wise old owl saw the firefly. “Why do you dim your light?” he asked. The firefly explained his wish.

The owl chuckled and said, “The moon may be big, but you have your unique sparkle.

Never compare yourself to others. Shine your light, little one, and the world will be a brighter place.”

The firefly realized his mistake. He lit up once more, his tiny light illuminating the darkness.

Moral: Everyone is unique and special. Never compare yourself to others and let your light shine.


6) The Generous Squirrel



Moral Stories For Kids


Once in a lush forest, there lived a kind-hearted squirrel named Sammy.

Sammy was known for sharing his nuts with other animals during the winter when food was scarce.

He thought it was essential to assist others. One winter, the forest faced an unexpected snowstorm, and many animals struggled to find food.

Sammy noticed his friends were hungry and decided to share his nuts with them.

Every day, he would gather extra nuts and distribute them among the animals.

As time passed, the other animals began to help each other too.

They realized that by working together and sharing, they could all survive the harsh winter. Sammy’s act of kindness inspired unity and generosity among them.

Soon, the snow melted, and spring arrived. The animals were grateful for Sammy’s selfless actions.

They learned that being kind and sharing not only helped them through tough times but also strengthened their bond as a community.

Moral: Sharing and kindness bring people together and create a stronger, happier community.

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Inspirational Moral Stories For Kids

7) The Greedy Bird & The Seed


Interesting Tales for childs


A tiny sparrow named Pip saw a glistening seed on the ground.

“This will be plenty for many meals,” he shouted with joy.

But then he saw a bigger bird, Robin, approaching. “He’ll take it all!” Pip became terrified and swallowed the full seed.

Feeling bloated and uncomfortable, Pip flew slowly to his nest. He couldn’t sing or play with his friends. “What’s wrong, Pip?” they asked.

Pip explained his greed and how he swallowed the seed without sharing.

His friends chirped in unison, “Greed never brings happiness, Pip. Sharing brings joy and friendship.”

Pip realized his mistake. He learned to share his food and lived happily ever after.

Moral: Sharing brings joy and friendship.


8) The Clever Ant & Lazy Grasshopper


Moral Stories For Kids


Once upon a time, a clever Ant named Alex tirelessly collected crumbs and stored them away for the winter.

He would often see his friend, the grasshopper, George, basking in the sun and playing music.

“Alex, why do you work so hard?” George would laugh. “Life is for enjoying!”

But Alex knew the cold winter was approaching. He worked even harder, ignoring George’s taunts.

When winter arrived, George soon ran out of food. He shivered and went to Alex’s burrow, begging for help.

Alex generously shared his stored food. George, ashamed of his laziness, promised to work hard next time.

Moral: Hard work and preparation can help us face challenges, while laziness can lead to trouble.

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9) Don’t believe on Rumors


Interesting Tales for childs


One misty night, a curious cat named Midnight was exploring the back alleys when he heard a whisper, “Don’t trust the old lady with the crooked cane, she turns cats into soup!”

Midnight, gullible as he was, believed the whisper. He avoided the old lady like the plague, even ignoring her kind calls and bowls of milk.

This went on for weeks until Midnight met another cat named Luna. “Why do you avoid the old lady?” Luna asked.

Midnight confessed his fear. Luna chuckled. “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

The old lady is harmless. She just wants to help stray cats. Midnight felt foolish. He approached the old lady, cautiously at first.

But her gentle smile and warm touch soon calmed his fears. He learned that judging someone based on whispers is unfair and often leads to misunderstandings.

Moral: Don’t believe everything you hear. Look into it and make your own decisions.

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New Moral Stories For Kids

10) The Lost Butterfly & Friendly Flower


Moral Stories For Kids


A colorful butterfly named Flutter was exploring the meadow when a strong wind blew him off course.

He landed on a big rock, lost and scared.

A beautiful sunflower named Sunny saw Flutter. “Don’t worry,” Sunny said kindly.

“I’m able to assist you in returning home.” Flutter did as Sunny told and looked for a landmark that he knew.

Soon, Flutter spotted a familiar hill and knew he was close to home.

He thanked Sunny for her help and waved goodbye as he flew towards his family.

Moral: Even the smallest flower can offer big help when needed.

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11) The Forgetful Fish and the Generous Dolphin


Moral Stories For Kids


Flounder, a forgetful fish, was always losing things.

One day, he lost his favorite shiny pebble while swimming through the coral reef.

“Oh no!” Flounder cried. “My pebble is gone!”

He searched high and low, but the pebble was nowhere to be found. Feeling defeated, Flounder sank to the bottom of the ocean floor.

Just then, a friendly dolphin named Dolphinia swam by. “What’s wrong, Flounder?” she asked.

Flounder explained his predicament. Dolphinia, known for her generosity, smiled. “Don’t worry, Flounder. I’ll help you find your pebble.”

Dolphins used her echolocation to scan the reef, searching for the lost treasure.

After a while, she found it tucked away in a hidden crevice. Dolphins retrieved the pebble and returned it to Flounder.

“Here you go,” she said. “Try attaching a string to your favorite items the next time.”

Flounder was so grateful. “Thank you, Dolphinia! You’re the best!”

Moral: True friends are always there to help us, even when we forget.

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12) The Tiny Turtle & Mighty Mountain


Moral Stories For Kids


Timmy the turtle was a small but determined creature. He lived at the foot of a towering mountain, and he dreamed of reaching the peak.

Many other turtles laughed at him. “You’re too small, Timmy,” they said. “You’ll never make it.”

But Timmy wouldn’t listen. He knew that with hard work and perseverance, he could achieve anything.

Every day, he would set out towards the mountain, taking one small step at a time.

The journey was long and difficult. The sun beat down on his shell, and the wind whipped his face.

But Timmy never gave up. He kept focused on his goal, and each step brought him closer to the top.

Finally, after months of hard work, Timmy reached the peak of the mountain.

He looked out at the breathtaking view, and a feeling of pride washed over him.

He had achieved his goal, and he had proven that anyone can do anything they set their mind to.

Moral: No matter how small you are or how big the challenge seems, keep working hard and never give up on your dreams.

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Short Moral Stories For Kids

13) The Little Seed with Big Dreams


Interesting Tales for childs


Once upon a time, there was a tiny seed named Pip.

Unlike his friends who dreamed of becoming wildflowers or tasty berries, Pip had a much bigger goal: he wanted to become a tall, magnificent tree.

His friends laughed at him. “A seed like you? A tree? That’s impossible!” they scoffed.

But Pip didn’t listen. He believed in himself and his dream. Pip pushed himself down into the soil, deep into the earth.

Pip drank up every drop of rain and stretched his roots far and wide.

Days turned into weeks, and weeks into months. Pip faced many challenges: harsh winds, scorching sun, and even hungry animals. But he never gave up.

Finally, one day, Pip felt a surge within him. He pushed through the soil and reached for the sky.

A small green shoot emerged, followed by another, and another. Pip was growing!

Year after year, Pip grew taller and stronger. He became a beautiful tree, providing shade for animals, shelter for birds, and a home for countless insects.

From his high branches, Pip looked down at his friends, now blooming flowers or juicy berries.

He smiled. He had achieved his dream, not because it was easy, but because he had never stopped believing in himself and chasing his goals.

Moral: No matter how big your dreams may seem, never let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve them.

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14) The Lonely Lion & Cheerful Chameleon


Moral Stories For Kids


Leo the lion, once a proud ruler of the jungle, felt lonely and forgotten.

He envied the colorful chameleon, Chameleon, who constantly changed colors and attracted everyone’s attention.

“Why can’t I be like Chameleon?” Leo sighed. “I’m sitting here by myself with my buddies, and he’s always surrounded by them.”

He tried mimicking Chameleon’s colorful displays, but it only looked awkward and forced.

He tried to be funny, but his roars only scared the other animals away.

One day, a storm hit the jungle, with heavy rain and strong winds making it difficult for the smaller animals to find shelter.

Leo, with his powerful roars, alerted the animals and helped them find safe refuge.

Chameleon, who couldn’t camouflage in the stormy weather, was thankful for Leo’s help.

“Thank you, Leo,” Chameleon said. “Without your warning, I would not be aware of the upcoming storm.”

Leo, realizing the value of his strength and ability, started focusing on helping others rather than trying to be someone he wasn’t.

He used his roars to protect the jungle and his strength to help those in need.

Soon, Leo was no longer lonely. He was surrounded by animals who appreciated his unique qualities and respected him as their leader.

He learned that true respect and friendship come from being your authentic self and using your gifts to help others.

Moral: Don’t be envious of others. Embrace your unique strengths and find joy in helping others.

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15) The Chatterbox Cricket & Wise


Interesting Tales for childs


Once upon a time, Cricket, a little creature with a big voice, chirped non-stop.

He loved to chat about everything and anything, filling the forest with his constant chatter.

One day, Cricket stumbled upon Owl, perched silently on a branch. “Why are you so quiet?” Cricket chirped. “Don’t you ever have anything to say?”

Owl simply smiled. “Silence is important, little Cricket,” he said.

“It enables us to pay attention, think, and establish connections with the world around us.”

Cricket scoffed. “But listening is boring! There’s so much to talk about!”

Owl chuckled. “True. But sometimes, the most important things are not said but felt.

Listen to the wind rustling the leaves, the birdsong in the air, the beat of your own heart. These are the stories that silence tells.”

Intrigued, Cricket quietened down. He listened to the sounds of the forest for the first time.

He heard the rustling leaves whispering secrets, the birds singing songs of joy, and his own heart beating a steady rhythm.

In that silence, Cricket discovered a whole new world he had never noticed before.

He realized that silence wasn’t boring; it was a gateway to understanding and connection.

From that day on, Cricket learned to value silence as much as speech.

He would still chirp and chat, but he also learned to listen, to reflect, and to appreciate the beauty of the silent world around him.

Moral: Silence is a valuable gift. It allows us to listen, learn, and appreciate the world around us in a way that words never can.

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16) The Lost Glove & Helping Hand


Interesting Tales for childs


One cold winter day, a boy named Alex lost his favorite glove while playing in the park.

He searched everywhere, but couldn’t find it. He was about to give up hope when he saw a girl, Maya, walking towards him.

“Did you lose something?” Maya asked kindly.

Alex told her about his missing glove, and Maya immediately offered to help him look.

They searched the park together, checking behind trees and under bushes.

Finally, Maya spotted something bright red peeking out from under a pile of leaves. “There it is!” she exclaimed.

Alex was so happy to have his glove back. He thanked Maya for her help, and they enjoyed the rest of the afternoon playing together.

Moral: True friends are always there to help you, even when you lose something precious.


Final Thoughts On Moral Stories For Kids


In the end, I trust you enjoyed our collection of Moral Stories For Kids in English.

These new moral tales carry valuable lessons while entertaining young minds.

As we share these bedtime moral stories, we sow seeds of kindness, bravery, and compassion in the hearts of children.

Thank you for exploring these Short Moral Stories For Kids in English with us.

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