16 Best Short Story In English With Moral

Are you looking for a new short story in English with moral that will not only provide happiness but will also teach you and your children important life lessons? If you enjoy stories with moral insights, you’ve come to the right place. This blog article will take you on an adventure to find a selection of new and uncommon short story in English with moral.

Each story has its own moral message. These short story in English with moral will take you on a wonderful journey. You’ll introduce relatable characters and give you a deep message that can apply to your life. So, let’s dive into the world of short story in English with moral.


Short Story In English With Moral


1) An Ant and Grasshopper


An Ant and Grasshopper Short Story In English With Moral


Once upon a time, in a cozy little village, there lived a hardworking ant named Andy. Andy toiled day and night, gathering food for the upcoming winter. On the other side of the village, there was a carefree grasshopper named Gus. Gus, however, had no time for work. He wonders here and there all day and sings loudly.

As the days grew shorter and the cold winds of winter started to blow, Andy was well-prepared with a stockpile of food. But poor Gus found himself hungry and shivering, with no food to eat.

In his desperation, Gus went to Andy, who kindly shared some of his food. This thing gives a valuable lesson about the importance of hard work and preparation for grasshoppers. He realized that it’s necessary to do hard work and prepare for the future.

The moral of the story is that diligence and preparation lead to a comfortable future, while laziness can result in hardship. So, as the saying goes,

Moral: Make hay while the sun shines.”


2) Old Wise Owl and a Young Rabbit


Old Wise Owl and a Young Rabbit Short Story In English With Moral


In a quaint little forest, there lived a wise old owl named Oliver. He was known throughout the forest for his sharp mind and cleverness. The animals of the forest come to him to take advice from him.

Ruby, a young rabbit, came to Oliver a single day with an issue. She wanted to be the fastest runner in the forest and asked the owl for a shortcut. Oliver, with quiet humor, explained that there were no shortcuts in life and that hard work and determination were the keys to success.

Ruby took his advice to heart and began working out hard, running every day. She got faster and faster as the weeks went by. Ruby finally became the fastest runner in the jungle.

The moral of the story is that there are no shortcuts to success; hard work and perseverance are the true paths to achievement.

Moral: “Slow and steady wins the race.”


3) Sparrow and A Panting Dog


Sparrow and A Panting Dog Short Story In English With Moral


A small sparrow named Sammy lived in a busy city. Sammy was well-known for helping and assisting others. He thought that kindness might improve the world.

Sammy saw a thirsty puppy panting on the sidewalk one hot summer day. He flew to a nearby garden, grabbed a leaf off a plant, and dropped a drop of water on the dog’s parched tongue. In appreciation, the dog raised its tail.

Word of Sammy’s kindness spread throughout the city. People began leaving bowls of water in their gardens for thirsty animals, inspired by Sammy’s actions. The city soon became a more compassionate place.

The moral of the story is that even the smallest acts of kindness can have a huge effect. It reminds me of the adage, “Little things make a big difference.” Sammy’s modest act of kindness helped to make his city a more loving and attentive society.

Moral: “A tiny act of goodwill can make a big Gap.


4) Bella and A Traveler


Bella and A Traveler Short Story In English With Moral


In a quiet village, there was a kind baker named Bella. She always shared her freshly baked bread with her neighbors. People loved her not just for her delicious bread but also for her generous heart.

One day, a traveler visited the village, hungry and tired. Bella offered him a warm meal and some bread. The traveler was grateful and told stories of his adventures.

As he left, he gave Bella a tiny seed, promising it would grow into something magical. Bella planted it with care. In time, it bloomed into a beautiful tree, bearing fruits that fed the entire village.

Moral: “Kindness can lead to wonderful rewards.”


5) Timmy and A Lying Habit


Timmy and A Lying Habit Short tale For Kids


In a lively school, there was a boy named Timmy who had a habit of lying. He’d spin tall tales to impress his friends and teachers. One day, he claimed he had seen a UFO in his backyard.

But soon, his lies caught up with him. When Timmy needed help with his studies, no one believed him. His friends grew distant, and his teacher lost trust.

Realizing his mistakes, Timmy decided to mend his ways. He confessed his lies and apologized. Over time, he regained the trust of his friends and teachers.

Moral: “Honesty is the best policy.

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6) Blacksmith and A farmer


Blacksmith and A farmer Short Story In English With Moral


In a bustling town, there was a skilled blacksmith named Leo. He is an expert in making great shields and swords. He was really proud of his work. Leo always says that I’m the great blacksmith in the kingdom.

One day, a humble farmer named Hannah approached him, requesting a simple tool to repair her plow. Leo, looking down on her, made a shoddy tool and charged her a hefty sum.

Later, the kingdom faced an invasion. Leo’s overpriced, inferior tools broke, leaving the farmers defenseless. Hannah, resourceful with her meager tools, led the villagers to victory.

Moral: Don’t be too proud. God doesn’t like proud people.


7) Lily and A Garden


Lily and A Garden Short tale For Kids


In a small village, there was a girl named Lily who had a precious secret garden. This garden was a hidden paradise filled with the most beautiful and rare flowers. Lily never shared its location, believing it was her sanctuary.

One day, her best friend, Lucy, begged her to reveal the garden’s whereabouts. Lily trusted Lucy and eventually told her. However, Lucy couldn’t keep the secret to herself. She shared it with others, and soon the once serene garden became crowded and damaged.

Moral: Don’t tell your secrets to others.

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8) Traveller and A Treasure


Traveller and A Treasure Short Story In English With Moral


In a sweet village, there was a rumor mill that never seemed to stop. People often gathered at the local inn to exchange tales and stories. One day, a traveler arrived and shared an amazing story about a hidden treasure deep under the water. The entire village buzzed with excitement.

A young girl named Lucy trusted that man after listening to his story and decided to search for the treasure. She followed the traveler’s directions and, after days of searching, found nothing. Disheartened, she returned to the village empty-handed.

Lucy’s adventure teaches us not to believe everything we hear. False positives and false negatives are up and down, and it’s up to us to verify the information we act on.

Moral: “Don’t believe everything you hear.”

9) Danny and A beehive


Danny and A beehive Short tale For Kids


In a village, there was a silly boy named Danny who liked to play pranks on others. He came and spotted a beehive hanging from a tree one day. He decided to shake it without thinking, hoping for a nice chuckle.

But as soon as he did, a group of angry bees emerged, stinging him. Danny ran home, regretting his careless act. He learned that thinking before acting was important.

Danny’s painful lesson teaches us that it is a good idea to think before we act. so that we know the potential outcomes of our actions and make good choices.

Moral: “Think before you act.”


10) Sara and Lisa’s Friendship


Sara and Lisa’s Friendship Short tale For Kids


In a bustling city, there were two best friends, Sarah and Lisa. They had been inseparable since kindergarten. They shared hopes, private information, and many adventures.

As they grew older, life’s demands pulled them in different directions. Sarah pursued her passion for art, while Lisa dove into the world of finance. They were seeing each other more and more rarely.

One day, during a challenging time in Sarah’s life, she reached out to Lisa, who dropped everything to support her friend. Their friendship proved unbreakable, reminding them that true friends are always there, no matter the distance or time apart.

Moral: “True friendship never dies.”

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11) Crowded hut and lonely Mension


Crowded hut and lonely Mension Short Story In English With Moral


In a vast kingdom, there lived a wealthy merchant named Samuel. He resided in a grand mansion, filled with opulence and luxury. Despite his wealth, Samuel often felt isolated and lonely.

Across the kingdom, there was a humble farmer named Thomas. He lived in a small hut with his large, loving family. Their home was crowded but filled with laughter, love, and togetherness.

One day, Samuel visited Thomas’s hut. He was struck by the warmth and happiness that radiated from the crowded hut. It made him realize that a crowded hut, where people care for each other, is better than a lonely mansion filled with valuable things.

Moral: A crowded cottage is more effective than a lonely palace.


12) Tom and Habit of Reading


Tom and Habit of Reading Short tale For Kids


Once upon a time, there lived a Tom near the city. Tom was eager to become smart, and he believed books held the key. So he spent many hours reading different books.

But Tom’s friends, who preferred outdoor games, teased him. They thought books were boring. Tom, undeterred, continued to read and learn.

Years later, when a challenging problem arose in the village, Tom’s knowledge was the solution. His friends were amazed and realized the value of being smart. They started reading, too.

You can improve your mental abilities by learning new things and reading various novels. It is never too late to begin. Knowledge is a powerful weapon.

Moral: Knowledge is Power.


13) Merchant and His Greed


Merchant and His Greed Short tale For Kids


There was a successful merchant named Salman. He was known for his wealth, but he was never satisfied. His hunger for greater wealth overtook him. He would keep every cent for himself, leaving nothing for charity or his staff.

One day, a beggar approached him, asking for a small coin to buy bread. Salman refused to give him a coin. That night, he saw a troubling dream where he was drowning in a sea with his gold.

Startled, he woke up and realized the true meaning of his dream. Greed was like a curse, weighing him down. From that day on, he shared his wealth with those in need. He discovered a joy in kindness.

This story teaches us that greed can be a curse. It’s a reminder that sharing can bring greater joy than amassing wealth for oneself.

Moral: “Greed is a curse.”

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14) Cart Girl and A Wealthy Merchant


Cart Girl and A Wealthy Merchant Short Story In English With Moral


There was a poor girl who was a fruit seller named Maya. She had a small cart where she sold fresh, sweet fruits. Her positive attitude and ability to assist others made her popular in the community.

One day, a wealthy merchant named Victor passed through the village. He had earned vast wealth but was famous for his miserliness. He insulted Maya’s small cart and low salary.

Maya, unmoved, offered Victor a free basket of delicious mangoes. He took one, curious and shocked by its sweetness. Maya explained that her fruits were the sweetest because she shared what little she had, which brought her joy.

Victor, touched by Maya’s wisdom, learned that wealth alone couldn’t guarantee happiness. The moral is that the pursuit of wealth, without kindness and sharing, can leave a sour taste in one’s life.

Moral: “Wealth without kindness is sour.”


15) Talented Chef and His Passion


Talented Chef and His Passion Short tale For Kids


Once upon a time, there was a renowned chef named Carla. Her culinary skills were unmatched, and she had a flourishing restaurant. However, Carla had a secret passion for music, particularly the violin.

One day, she decided to follow her musical dreams and leave the culinary world behind. She joined a small orchestra, but her culinary skills were of no use in this new endeavor. Carla struggled to play the violin and felt out of place.

Eventually, she realized that her strengths and skills were misplaced. She returned to the kitchen, where her culinary talent shone. The moral is that your strengths and skills may not always fit in every situation. It’s essential to find the right place to apply them effectively.

Moral: “Your talents and abilities are of no use in the incorrect place.”


16) Shelly and A Stranger


Shelly and A Stranger Short tale For Kids


There was a friendly young girl named Shelly. She was known for her trust in people and her sweet behavior with them. One day, while she was walking in the desert, a stranger approached her. He seemed kind and in need of assistance.

The stranger told Shelly he was lost and asked for directions to the nearby town. Shelly, being trusting, not only gave him directions but also shared her lunch with him. The stranger ate the lunch and then left.

Shelly found that her luggage was missing later that same night. She understood her mistake. The stranger had hunted for her trust. The moral of the story is to be careful and not blindly believe strangers.

Moral: “Don’t trust strangers.”


Summing up on Short Story In English With Moral

Short stories in English with morals hold a special place in literature for their ability to entertain and educate simultaneously. These concise narratives often revolve around relatable characters and situations, guiding readers toward valuable life lessons. The morals embedded in these stories teach virtues like honesty, kindness, perseverance, and empathy, making them essential tools for character development, especially in children. You can also find birthday wishes for your wife, friends, and girlfriend on our site.

By weaving meaningful messages into engaging plots, these stories have the power to inspire, provoke thought, and leave a lasting impact on readers of all ages. Their brevity, combined with their capacity to convey profound wisdom, ensures that short stories with morals continue to be cherished and relevant in the world of literature.

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